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I am Clifton Musgrove, and i am a lotto winner. I’ve been playing the lotto for 27 years now. Growing up in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos – this was more than just a hobby – playing numbers, as we call it, was a passion. However, I lost more than I won in the 1980’s. The Pick 3 Lotto was my game and I couldn’t buy a win. I was just about to give up trying to pick lottery numbers altogether when a friend of mine hired me to sell Lotto numbers for him in 1996. I got a percentage of the numbers I sold and it was good income but I kept on losing my profit on a daily basis. As fast as the money was coming in it was going out. I had to learn how to win the lottery.

In 1997, I finally got fed up with losing and I started studying many ways on how to pick lottery numbers and hit the winning number. It took me two and a half years to figure out the best combination to win the Pick 3 numbers. During those two years I tracked numbers and tested a multitude of mathematical calculations. I referenced every book out there on how to win the lottery. Now, after making a living out of my system for the last decade of my life, I have perfected the strategy. I know I will show you how to win the lotto every week.

One day, my best friend told me he dreamt of the number 087. I had also had a dream that night and I dreamt that 045 fell. So, using my system, I told him that 507 was going to be the winning number that day. We both boxed 045, 087 and 057 and three hours later we were $2,100 richer because 507 fell. If you purchase my winning Pick 3 strategy, I will show you how I got that number and how you can pick lottery numbers that win. Once when I was traveling to the Bahamas from my home in Turks and Caicos and my airfare was $402, so I decided to pay the 402 and 504 box. Lucky me, 054 fell that night and I was $1,800 richer. My airfare was covered and the rest of the trip too. I will show you how I knew what number to play with 402 to get the hit that day. I’m confident in my system. To prove to you it works, I’m giving you 40 examples of numbers that hit using my system.

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