The most accurate lottery forecast Ever in your State

The most accurate lottery forecast Ever in your State .
by far the Most Powerful Prophetic Lottery system in our time . visit

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Lotto Wiz

Hello, I’m Clifton Musgrove a lotto expert in the field of Pick 3 and pick 4 lottery.

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  1. Subscriber Ebook

    7018 str 8/4….michigan……….you the man! Just got turned on to this site…will be buying book & joining the money train……

    1. Lotto Wiz

      Congratulation I will send your eBook in 5 mins

      1. Subscriber Ebook

        Thank you! I got the book……..Have to study up so I know what I am doing! Prayers for your family members……..Family First!!!!!!!!

        1. Lotto Wiz

          HI MotownGirl, did you join the pick 4 Club ?

        2. Subscriber Ebook

          Hello, I purchased just like you. I spent the day backtracking the material. Have you got an understanding of the ebook. If so please help me!!!

          1. Lotto Wiz

            Hello Carl,
            Please feel free to contact me on facebook as The Lotto wiz. Or send a request to join the pick4 club. So you can get first hand tips and help for your state

          2. Lotto Wiz

            Hello Subscriber,
            contact me on Facebook so you can get first hand experience in my Exclusive Pick4 Club

            The Lotto Wiz

  2. Lotto prediction s in NM?

    1. Lotto Wiz

      Hi Jamie,
      You can send me the last 3
      pick3 draws for that state.

    2. Lotto Wiz

      Hello Jamie,
      I am just settling in after 2 hurricanes so sorry for late reply. First I want to say you are Missing Money off the Money Train. I look at NM and there are hits all over if you had this book Dailywin, the 323 is the Red indicator for 203 which hit evening draw, And 399 is the follower of 130 which hit next day.

      So NM…is looking for 503**309**353**200**403**578** in short order you can visit

  3. Subscriber Ebook

    I want to thank Lotto Wiz for his expertise in the pick 3. Lol that he published. I myself have earn enormous capital gains his formulas that he has spent enormous mount of effort in critiquing this book. I’m a witness that it works. Thx again Lotto Wiz for everything. The best is yet to come my brother. Peace n blessings to you n your family

    1. Lotto Wiz

      Thank you my brother it’s a Pleasure to share my knowledge with you.

  4. Yes he is real deal. gave me a few good hits looking forward to seeing more thank you very much ????????????????????????

  5. Subscriber Ebook

    All I can say about the book is WOW WOW WOW trust me you won’t be disappointed I highly recommend this book for all lottery players.

    1. Clifton Musgrove

      Thanks for you comment it’s my pleasure to teach fans my formula $$$$

  6. just happened to find your site, I think I finally found an honest man in this world of lotto. I see remarks about your e-book, could you e-mail me how to obtain this book?

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