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Hi dailypick3, I got the 009 Kentucky , 008 Minnesota , 100 Delaware and 403 Miami so far today. The night is still young!!!! $$$$$$$$$$ What a good way to start of this year!!!! Thanks cliff….


I’ll get right to the point here. Those examples you have posted are pretty impressive. I mean literally within days your predictions fell here in North Carolina’s pick three lottery. Thanks to you I made some good money fast!


I won twice last night on Mr. Musgrove’s predictions he gave me I won 538 in late miami and 238 in late georgia keep it coming Mr. Musgrove. Anything good for tonight 9/12/14. Im still playing the 183 and 101 I got. Thank you…


I hit the pick 3 five(5) time last week including last night, i now understand your system, you are damn great man, thats the best system i have ever seen, your system makes me happy, i cannot explain how excellent your system is, please include my testimony on your website.


This book is like a gold mine. I recommend it to anyone playing Pick 3 in any State. When you buy the book, start by back testing and pick the trends before playing your numbers. You will soon see why I say the book is like a gold mine. I wish there was a similar book for Pick 4.


To all that maybe looking for a way to be more productive in playing this game and wining you need to get his books.. Of all the books, groups and people that I have join Lotto Wiz has been their to help me win... He is amazing... Don’t get me wrong I don’t win everyday but that is on me not focusing.

Brenda Griffin

More wins ever in the lottery using this book. The book pays for itself ~ over and over thousands of times. Best book & group ever .


Very good book to follow, I have already paid for the book with my wins. The group you can join after purchasing this book is awesome too!


Ultimate guide for the pick 3 player.Best money ever spent!


For anyone who is serious about lottery. Purchasing this Dailywin ebook is an a great investment. I remember when I first started playing lottery about 3 years ago, I reached out to the Lotto Wiz. He said give me a week, he was working on something. He asked me, how much money are you spending a day? I said about $100, he said No, no, no, just stop until I can have a conversation with you. In the meantime, I had purchased the book and ebook. Finally on a Sunday in October, I was working but I wasn't going to miss my opportunity to learn something new. My first lesson was never spend over $6.00. Second, lesson was read the book, study, study, study and then ask questions. Long story short, I hit on that Sunday thanks to the Lotto Wiz. No, you will not win everyday, but if stay focus, follow the book and study, you will win.

April Bacon